Plastic Kale has Value

Is your room tired…does it need a lil pop of personality? Honey!! “FLUFF” up your space with a little paint… I know this sounds like a “GERITOL” commercial… some of you may not even KNOW what GERITOL is for that matter… I think they took it off the market due to the high alcohol content… BUT it claimed to do for a body what a paint job does for a room. I recently visited a lovely traditional home that needed a lil “FLUFF” on a budget. The Master was a bit too vanilla. We used what she had and simply made it better. I snagged a rug from another room, changed the wall color, added a dust ruffle and shams and changed out her lampshades… Just a few adjustments but the WOWIMG_2541IMG_3169 was wall color. Good design values contrasts… Her crisp white trim and wonderful plantation shutters failed to show-up until the wall color was changed. Sherwin Williams Hardware
Ever noticed those lil strips of green in between the meat at the Harris Teeter? NO grass stays green that long… It is FAKE plastic Kale! Why is it there? It makes the meat LOOK better! (I bet someone paid big bucks to a marketing genius for that one!) I COULD HAVE TOLD THEM! Contrasts in Color are all around us… and DO change the appearance of “things” to… smaller, larger, more defined, etc.
Ever heard, “Brown fat looks better than white fat?” (Thus the Coppertone tanning cream in MY closet…) That’s why I choose to wear black slacks over white ones. That’s why I wear lipstick… and blush…and eyeliner…and…Gees, Where was I going with this??

IfIMG_3192 you want to keep your old bedspread but are yearning for a new look… Well, visit your grocery store! Who knew there were design lessons to be learned on the meat isle. Later, BA

Socks in church

I’m a Landscape Designer… The reason you hire ME is because I know what will grow best in your yard and moreover, what it will look like in three to five years. I know that doesn’t really sound important …yet many times it is paramount to the overall success of your yard. That wonderful little slip of a Christmas tree looking thing you just planted at the corner of your house right next to the kinda round shrub …’you know the one… it has lil green leaves … “As a former Garden Center employee I heard that all the time…really.” Well, in five years that lil pointed evergreen will be 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide… pretty much covering the entire buffet in your dining room……..If it’s spring and the window is open…. NOT GOOD.  So that 28″ you just allowed from the house to the center of the tree … well,  it is not gonna cut it.

They DO say personal experience is the best and, I fully agree!  It is so much more advantageous to live with a shrub a bit further away from your foundation for a couple of years than to spend hours upon hours digging the thing out to move it merely 6 feet. That’s where the personal experience kicks in … I have lots of friends but this friend was one of those really good friends.  Our husbands were on a golf trip…. and instead of getting our nails done – or a massage or something relaxing …. we took on those projects that would have been a bother to our husbands.  I think I was painting the exterior trim on our house;  She took on a Hollywood juniper that was .. Ahem!.. too close to theirs.  I won’t go in to details but by midnight there were headlamps, a rope and a bumper involved.  Never underestimate two Yard Ladies! Not doing that again!  And 20 years later….I have  learned the ultimate value of a “Mani-Pedi”… in MY world I call that “Maintenance!”

OH!! The Socks!!! Well,  It’s June and lots of critters out. So I usually wear my really cool black and white polka dot boots when I’m out tromping around. And I wear socks inside them… (Thick comfortable socks…kinda old too) I pull these up over my pant legs so no ticks, etc. get in. My socks get washed every time I come in from working and go in my purse so I’ll have them in my car for the next time…. Well, last Saturday I neglected to toss them to the back of my “truck”.  ’Come Sunday morning we are standing singing just the most beautiful Praise song and of course I get a little weepy so I reach down and pull out my lovely antique Hanky…. OH! I Love me a pretty Southern Belle Hanky… with lace of course!   Afterwards, when they turned the lights back up and I gathered myself to sit … there in full view by everyone on the row behind us were my socks…kinda looking like dirty lil calico kittens (We have lots of red clay here) LORDY!! At least I had God as my witness – cause HE knows they were clean!!


Just getting started…with “Fluff”

Greetings Homebodies – First of all – My fancy daughter Lauren, of, and I have yet to finalize my Blog’s design but something wonderful IS in the works! My company is “FLUFF.”  I have a myriad of client requests – from taking someones already wonderful garden to a “Snip more undercontrol”…. to choosing a front door color. I just finished helping a client get her home ready to sell…it sold pronto! And then went with her to her new spot and we made a new nest. She is now one of my best friends. I know the LORD puts certain people in our lives for a reason and this Lady is a gift to me…she is remarkable..I feel SO blessed to call her friend. When I was younger with little ones I tried to be a good steward with my husbands’ income and to this day find greater satisfaction seeking treasures from places like The Salvation Army and Habitat.

I refused to have anything other than a station wagon…Shoot, it wasn’t for the safety of my kids! OH I loved them! It is just SO much easier to get a dining room table in the back of a wagon than a sedan! Now tell me the truth – how many of you have gotten your husband to go “Back” to look at something you want… Especially if it is anywhere near a dumpster or a trash can in a strangers front yard.  H O N E Y, cram that  thing in the back of your car and take it home yourself! Some of my favorite things are prizes I’ve found on the side of the road! And NOW I get to do it for others!! I LOVE finding items for clients that would have cost them oodles more had they gone retail. NOTHING wrong with retail either – I LOVE to shop!! But finding a treasure and being able to purchase something wonderful… Retail!!… with the monies you saved…

well, H O N E Y!!…That’s just Bliss!

The Lord has so blessed me – in fact at one point in my life I was blind…LITERALLY!  Had cataract surgery in my 40′s and after that I could see things I hadn’t in years! HE opened my eyes… to many things!! I was in the middle of remodeling and repainting…  ‘was almost afraid to go home! Thankfully the colors all worked. I have confessed before…”I am a Serial Renovator.” Few things churn my heart more than a forlorn house with “Needs”. I always fell for the one that needed the most….windows! Over the years my husband knew not to panic…. it was what I did best… work with a MESS! Loved brightening it up and filling it with laughter and Joy. My desire is to give YOU the confidence to do the same. Honey!! FLUFF YOUR HOME!

Till next time. ba

Tidbit: Just saw on TV how drawing a line with chalk around the pet’s dish keeps the ants from crossing. ONe night I found my husband sprinkling Baby Powder on all our doorways to keep those little rascals out…. and it WORKS!!